The appearance of David Morse and general good will towards Brad Pitt are about all that’s keeping me the least bit interested in World War Z, an epic zombie film that the studio hasn’t even bothered to let people know has zombies in it. I’ve spoken to countless people and from my tiny sample it would seem that even the most casual of movie fans have noticed how afraid the trailers are of showing what the hell is actually wrong with these piles of CGI people. You would think making the most epic zombie movie ever would be THE no-brainer selling point, but no dice.

In any event, Paramount still assumes that smoke coming from buildings and Brad Pitt’s name are all they need to open, so behold new banners!


These are the first two in a new set that will highlight major cities around the globe and what their photoshopped destruction at the hand of a digital mob of undead would look like. We begin with Rome and Berlin, with more coming. I’m not sure if these are all the cities the globe-trotting film takes place in, or a more general campaign that can be used in all sorts of major markets. (“Here’s YOUR city on zombies, Vancouver!,” etc.) Either way, Total Film will be debuting more posters as the week progresses.


The film is a little less than a month away, hitting June 21st following Man of Steel.