As a perplexed principality scrambles to account for evidence of 900,000 undocumented citizens and an actual war, the rest of us can sit back and gaze upon the flash-bulb tinged splendor of this first poster for Mike Myers’s latest, less-than-brilliant homage to the late and very, very brilliant Peter Sellers.

The Love Guru is about an American child named Pitka whose upbringing in an Indian ashram prepares him for life as one of those self-help kooks.  Pitka’s expertise is called upon to help resolve marital discord between Darren Roanoke, the star center of the Toronto Maple Leafs (Romany Malco), and his wife.  When Roanoke’s wife takes up with Jacques Grande (Justin Timberlake), a rival player from the Los Angeles Kings, the Maple Leafs’ star falls into a slump.  The only way for the Leafs to salvage their season is for Pitka to reunite Roanoke with his wife.  I’m already in stitches.

If Myers is able to regenerate interest in the struggling National Hockey League with The Love Guru, I’ll kneel toward Winnipeg and worship it daily.  Even if it’s worse than Slap Shot 2.

In case you’re blind, The Love Guru hits theaters on June 20th, 2008.