The AOU arcade expo is going on in Japan right now, and one of the most
exciting things happening is the unveiling of more Street Fighter IV
info. Yes, people, Street Fighter IV will also have an arcade cabinet. Too bad there are barely any arcades anymore, eh? We’ll have to hunt on of these down to put our quarters down on.

Along with new screenshots of all the old fighters back in the
habit (of messing you up), they’ve revealed the second new character to
the game (the first being “Crimson Viper”, who’s a hottie and a half). This guy’s the first new one we’ve seen in action so far, though. Meet Abel.

Abel is a man who doesn’t remember anything about his past, and fights
with a “mix of multiple martial arts”. Say that 5 times fast. He’s got
a gruff exterior but he’s really a lovable guy once you get to know
him. Provided you dodge his “jumping axe kick”, I guess.

I know a whole lot of you aren’t sold on the visual style, but I’m really digging the new cartoony look. And how can you not get excited when you see stuff like this?

Or this?

and especially this?