The announcement that the new Xbox One will require a Kinect on at all times in some fashion has drawn a fair amount of ire from gamers, and understandably so. Setting aside potential privacy concerns, there’s a lot of lingering frustration from the limitations of the first Kinect. Getting the thing to work was such a pain in the ass, it was easy to forget how cool the tech actually was. It didn’t help that the best official offerings were workout and dance games (albeit very good dance games).  Still, while Microsoft and the major developers may have dropped the ball, there was a dedicated group of PC users who continually showcased what the Kinect was capable of. Check out the video below, and tell me you wouldn’t like to see some of that functionality worked into future games and apps:

Thankfully Microsoft will be continuing to support Kinect innovation on the PC. According to Engadget, Microsoft has confirmed a new version of the Windows Kinect which will incorporate the improvements to the Xbox One model. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait to 2014 to see any new, high-tech nipple simulators, but during a time when it’s real easy to be down on Microsoft and their offerings, it’s nice to find a little silver lining.

Credit to AJ Batac for the image.

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