The Masterpiece: Q: The Winged Serpent
Purchase Link: You Are Welcome.
The Year: 1982
The Director: Larry Cohen
Beasts to Enjoy: Quetzalcoatl. A peppy Michael Moriarty.
Marketing Quotes/Taglines: “You’ll Just Have Time… To Scream Its Name!”
If I ran the Marketing: “You’ll Die Knowing Nothing About Aztec Gods!”
What the Fuck is Going On: This is by far the best film in this list. It’s not even close. This is actually a good film, but I have to admit that very few lists are complete without Q. Including our ‘’s Favorite Onscreen Lawyers”.

This is the best Cops & Robbers & Flying Leathery God film ever made.

Larry Cohen’s a champion and his decision to wisely uncork an Aztec legend onto New York City was prescient. I don’t know what else to say but that if you haven’t seen this movie you need to put it into your Netflix Q. David Carradine literally engulfs the screen with charisma, his pheromones still seeping off the 35mm print over twenty years later. Michael Moriarty forcefully pushes himself to the top of the A-List with a performance critics are calling “God Damn!”. Richard Roundtree is easy to mow around.


See for yourself:

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