I’ve been crushing on Rashida Jones something fierce ever since I saw her tough-girl act in the “Kim Kelly Is My Friend” episode of Freaks and Geeks (there’s something about a seventeen-year-old chick threatening a scrawny Sam Weir that gets my lower regions a-roiling).  So I’m a most happy fella now that she’s booking film work in addition to her recurring role on The Office (which I just can’t force myself to watch with any regularity).

The exotic product of rhythmic Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton loin mashing has been cast as the “female lead” in I Love You, Man, writer/director John Hamburg’s attempt at romantic-comedy redemption after taking a rusty dildo to the genre with Along Came Polly.  Jones will play the fiancee of Paul Rudd, who hires a complete stranger (Jason Segel) to be his best man because this is uproarious.  Amazingly, Judd Apatow has nothing to do with this movie.  I just hope that “amazingly” doesn’t turn to “unfortunately” before principal photography is wrapped.

Jones will also star in the Farrelly Brothers-produced sitcom Unhitched (retreating to the small screen might be just what the boys need), while she’ll also appear in whatever it is John Krasinski has done to David Foster Wallace’s Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (due for release sometime this year if it’s not a complete disaster).  And Variety is reporting that Jones is set to co-star in some Renee Zellweger-Harry Connick, Jr. movie.  Who in the fuck is the audience for that?