I happen to be a big fan of superdupersecret film projects; I like not knowing tons of details about a film before I see it. Sometimes, I can avoid the juicy details of a film if I so choose. More often than not, though, someone will volunteer said juicy details before I can cover my ears and start screaming. Either that, or I read it them on the internet, a place in which I have little self-control.

That is why I’m happy I have only a small description of Alejandro Amenabar’s upcoming untitled project (working title: Mists Of Time) to share with you (courtesy of Hollywood Reporter): “A historical drama set in early Egypt, it concerns a slave who turns to the rising tide of Christianity in the hopes of pursuing freedom while also falling in love with his master, a female philosophy professor and atheist.” Hmm, perhaps someone should tell HR that long sentences are a bit unwieldy.

Of course, I’m not just excited because we know little about the picture (as if that weren’t enough!); I’m also quietly anticipating seeing more work from Amenabar. As far as I’m concerned, the guy has an excellent winning streak going with Open Your Eyes, The Others and The Sea Inside (I haven’t seen Thesis). I’m rooting for him to keep the streak alive. It’s also worth noting that he’s getting an ENORMOUS budget: $70 million.

We’ve got a trio of folks joining up with the film. First is Rachel Weisz (did I mention the film will be in English?), who will be Hypatia, or “female philosophy professor and atheist.” Next is Oscar Isaac (he was the step-father of the son of God in The Nativity Story, which I did not see) as Orestes, or “slave.” Last is Ashraf Barhom as Ammonius, or “zealous Christian monk.”

I like seeing Barhom there; the guy has a very solid presence and really deserves to be recognized. And Rachel Weisz is pretty good, too.

Anyway… filming begins in March.