OZ Screen #1

Spicy Horse Games, the studio founded by one American McGee, has announced its new project. Or more accurately, projects. But only one is getting made. Maybe.  According to Joystiq, the studio plans to move forward with a Kickstarter for one of two potential titles, either a sequel to their Alice series called Alice: Otherlands or a new property called OZombie that would combine The Wizard of Oz with…well, I’ll let you put two and two together.

Oz Screen #2

If the idea of battling an undead brain craving Scarecrow gets you excited, good news, because posts on the OZombie Facebook page suggest McGee might be leaning that way based on fan feedback (though having to hash out the Alice rights with EA might be a bigger factor). Details are few and far between on the project right now, though it’s confirmed this will have nothing to do with the old American McGee’s Oz that Atari had been working on. Assuming this actually is Spicy Horse’s next game, it would be McGee’s third attempt at darkening up a fairytale world after the Alice series and American McGee’s Grimm, and approximately the eleventy-hojillionith zombie related property on the market. McGee can take some comfort though in knowing that even if the game stinks, thanks to Todd McFarlane it’ll still only be the second worst adaptation of Oz.

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