You wouldn’t know Laurence Fishburne was in Man Of Steel from all the promotions so far, which have really taken to heart the idea that people want a Superman who punches things. Action and drama have been the selling points, while virtually any allusions to Clark Kent in Metropolis or any non-powered human characters have been kept to a minimum.

What I’m really saying here is, “where the hell is my Richard Schiff character poster?!”


We do have three new one-sheets for the more high-powered characters though- Kal-el, Jor-el, and Zod specifically. Michael Shannon is looking spectacularly jacked and creepy, while the Man Of Steel himself shows off his new vacuum-tight suit that finally brings a proper superhero physique to the big screen. Jor-el has a gun for a reason.

man of steel superman henry cavill

man of steel zod

All of the posters for this film have featured an odd sort of grain and blurriness- which I do appreciate in the face of the hyper-fake posters we mostly see. I would suspect these are perhaps pulled from actual footage- or have at least beenĀ manipulatedĀ in a way to look more photographically natural. It’s strange, but I like the thought behind it.

man of steel jor el

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