Goddammit. Now I really have to see G.I. Joe. At the last minute but hopefully not at great expense the role of Destro has been recast. Exeunt David Murray, the thesp who either couldn’t get a work visa or forgot he had to be on tour with Iron Maiden. Enter Christopher Eccleston.

Guess we’ll see Destro with his mask off. Guess the State Department is full of  Dr. Who and Heroes fans. (The latter explains a lot.) Guess Eccleston won’t be any more successful than Quaid or the rest of the cast at mitigating the sheer stupidity that we can expect from the film.  

But hey, this guy can do batshit crazy (see the film twice referenced in title and image) and creepy military (28 Days Later…) as well as simple mindbent oddness, as evidenced by Dr. Who. I love the guy, I really do, and I’m glad he’s getting a paycheck and an action figure. (Maybe it’ll be better than this one.)