tumblr_m5wmiaWekn1qh3ldho1_500News out of Cannes says another Park Chan-wook title is on the remake block: Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance.

While not quite considered as sublime a masterpiece as the film that followed it, Sympathy represents Park Chan-wook’s launching of the Vengeance trilogy. Followed by Oldboy and Sympathy For Lady Vengeance, the film was released in 2002 and follows a man who tears down a path of violence and vengeance after his attempts to help his sister find a transplant kidney leave him broke and without one of his own organs.

Again, this is not as sacrosanct a film to touch as Chan-wook’s follow-up, but there will be a lot of cocked eyebrows if Lorenzo di Bonaventura and his partners don’t manage to land as interesting a match for the material as Spike Lee for Oldboy. That they’ve got Broken City writer Brian Tucker working on the screenplay is not the most encouraging of signs, but perhaps there is another visionary out there who can make this worthwhile, rather than just more grist for the english-language mill.

Hey, there’s always the benefit for the extra eyeballs on the original.

Source | Deadline