The last week brought rumors that the first three episodes of the new Star Wars cartoon, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (changed from the original title of Star Wars: One Born Every Minute), would debut in British movie theaters before heading to the telly. Now Variety is reporting that United Statesers can expect the same, with Star Wars: The Clone Wars hitting theaters on August 15th.

What’s really historic about this is that Clone Wars will be the first Star Wars theatrical release that isn’t distributed by Fox. Warner Bros will be putting it out, and the series will then air on the Cartoon Network and TNT.

Clone Wars will take place between Episodes II and III, before Anakin Skywalker became a husky voiced black man. The  only voices returning from the films will be Anthony Daniels as C3PO (“Please Artoo, anything to keep me away from a weekend signing photos at Cleveland CosmicCon!”) and Matthew Wood as General Grevious and the battledroids. I call foul: I will not accept a new voice as iconic Star Wars character Captain Panaka!