"This again?"

“This again?”

I’m not buying this one guys.

The Nolan-directing-a-Bond-film concept is not a new one, and it seems like we just had a run around with this idea a few months ago, even before Mendes said, “no.” Yet here we are, with The Daily Mail claiming the following…

“Christopher Nolan has been approached to direct the next 007 movie.

It’s early days, but informal talks have begun between Nolan, his representatives and the powers behind the James Bond pictures, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G .Wilson.”

First of all, Nolan has Interstellar keeping him busy deep into 2014, making anything earlier than a 2015 start date for Bond 25 impossible. Is Eon going to wait that long to follow up the first billion dollar Bond film? Especially when they’ve still got a contract good for two more films with their current (aging) star?

This is nothing news- a non-starter. “Talks” mean nothing, especially since Nolan has been “in talks” since this time last year, at least. Not to mention that publication is not exactly a home-run source for this kind of thing. They even mention that Mendes was close to saying, “yes” to another Bond film, despite his later comments that the idea of jumping back into the same universe and scale of production right away made him feel physically ill. So bullshit on that.

Still, they get their clicks and we get to have the conversation again. And you know what- I feel like Nolan will get around to doing a Bond film. It might even become one of those legendary flirtations where it almost happens a number of times before finally working out around Bond 28 or 29- a day we’ll all hopefully celebrate.