Before you watch the new international Wall-E trailer, embedded below, heed this warning. While it’s not full of spoilers, there is a lot more in this clip than most people have seen so far. Maybe too much. You’ll see EVE in detail and get a couple glimpses of the ship that whisks Wall-E away from Earth.

If you’d prefer to wait until the film hits later this year, take comfort in the fact that this isn’t a particularly good trailer. (In fact, having watched it a few more times, I don’t like it at all.) Yeah, it shows off the goods, but it does so without a lot of charm or personality. If I wasn’t already dying to see the flick, I’m not sure this clip would do anything at all for me.

EDIT: I’m leaving the clip embedded below on the off chance that it will be available again, but in the meantime see the trailer at this alternate location. Thanks to message board reader 11thIndian for the tip.