I hate relying upon gossip rags for news, but sometimes the quote is all. The New York Daily News claims Vincent Gallo told one of their reporters that he wants to bail on Giallo, Dario Argento’s latest flick. The sticking point? Just as in many economic panics and large-scale tea deals, it’s Asia.

I’m about to get all TMZ here. Gallo and Asia used to date, and he, unlike the Internet, wants nothing to do with her, to the point of skipping out on the role his facial hair has dreamed of. “After they cast Asia Argento, I’ve been trying to get
out of it,
” said the Sevigny-stuffer. If that’s not clear enough, “I’d
rather not be in a movie with her. I’m not a fan. I was a
fan of her father’s. I’m retiring.

Retiring from what? I won’t even speculate there; with Gallo, the answer could just be dirty.

If this pans out, my interest in the film will plummet back down to subterranean levels. Wonder if that’ll be the same for Harvey Weinstein.