As if you weren’t excited enough for Arrested Development Season 4, Netflix’s buzz marketing team is really ramping up the momentum for the highly-anticipated fourth season.

We’ve already seen that the Bluth Frozen Banana Stand is making a tour, but a few new sites have popped up to stir your loins.

Both make light of the fact that Tobias is obviously gay.

ManGo! Juice!

There’s not a whole lot to know about ManGo Juice yet, but if you view source on the page and open, you can see ASCII art for the poster for The Man Inside Me

It's like having a ManGo in your mouth!

It’s like having a ManGo in your mouth!

Starring Dr. Tobias Funke

Starring Dr. Tobias Funke; screenshot from harmoniousexplosions.js

Insert Me Anywhere

This site features a number of gay jokes, and a wealth of green screen material urging people to “Insert Tobias Anywhere.” The assets are high quality (some are even 1080p). Die-hard fans are sure to have a blast with this. Digging into the source code reveals some easter eggs here, too. Opening shows Tobias’ headshot, rendered in ASCII, of course.

Enter the Inner Sanctum of Tobias Fünke.

Enter the Inner Sanctum of Tobias Fünke.

Tobias Funke: ASCII Analrapist

Tobias Funke: ASCII Analrapist

Have you noticed any other viral/buzz marketing for Arrested Development Season 4? Let us know.