According to the ever reliable Ryan Rotten at ShockTilYou’reUnsteadyOnYourFeet, it’s official:  Corey Haim will return as Sam Emerson in The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe.  This is glorious news indeed; it wouldn’t be a twenty-years-too-late, direct-to-DVD sequel without him.  But will he hop in a bathtub and croon along to Clarence “Frogman” Henry?

The product of the home entertainment dream team of director P.J. Pesce (Sniper 3, From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman’s Daughter, the short-lived Tremors TV series) and screenwriter Hans Rodinoff (Man-Thing, The Skulls 2, A Man for All Seasons), Lost Boys 2 was thought to be wrapped until this cryptic message turned up on star Corey Feldman’s blog:

“Speaking of secrets, it does appear we will be doing some additional photography for LB2 next week. All signs still positive on that front. I will try to sneak you a few more photos in the coming weeks…”

Come to think of it, that’s not cryptic at all.  In any event, what he failed to insinuate is that the purpose of the additional photography is to reinsert a number of cut scenes from Rodinoff’s script that feature one Sam Emerson.  Why were they cut in the first place?  I don’t know, and I’m not going to go a-Googlin’ to find out either.  All that matters is that there will be at least a modicum of Sam in this sequel I’ll probably never watch.  Also returning is Jamison Newlander, whose career kinda stalled after his indelible debut as Alan Frog.  Now, all they’ve got to do is find that musclebound dude with the saxophone, and they’ll have all the inessential elements of The Lost Boys back in play.

Jason Patric could not be reached for comment, but he could be felt brooding.

Rejected headline: “Haim the Conquering Hero”.