Al Qaeda Endorses McCain

Now that al Qaeda has endorsed John McCain, it’ll be fascinating to hear McCain and his allies explain why America’s #1 enemy has thrown its support to him. In case you don’t remember, back in May McCain argued that Hamas had endorsed Obama, took these “endorsements” at face value, and concluded that McCain was therefore the better candidate.

The “Hamas endorses Obama” cry was taken up in many other rightist quarters, including the Wall Street Journal, and was a coordinated part of the McCain campaign narrative.

So I’m now looking forward to hearing McCain and his supporters explain how we should interpret the support McCain is receiving from al Qaeda. Whatever the explanation is, I’m sure it will be just the same as it would have been had al Qaeda endorsed Obama instead (where’s an extreme sarcasm emoticon when you need one?).

My take on all the Hamas/Obama bullshit, BTW, is here. And, aside from its usefulness in exposing yet more stunning rightwing cynicism and hypocrisy, I’d say this latest “endorsement,” of McCain this time, is — and should be — equally irrelevant.

But that’s why I can’t vote for today’s Republican party. I try to apply my principles equally, and recoil from people who don’t do the same.

Care about the Republican party? Want Republicans to return to principle? Then give them the shock therapy they need. Vote Democratic on November 4.