We don’t get a lot of news from the WXW Wrestling site, but when they carry a blurb and photo that might be the first from the next Darren Aronofsky movie, we’ve got to bow.

That’s Mickey Rourke on the set of The Wrestler, the movie that I can’t believe is actually happening. I’m used to the idea of Aronofsky movies being battles, and the fact that this was reported just months ago and is already lensing, well, kinda floors me. Plus, it’s a fookin’ wrestling picture! That’s so weird and great that I still can’t quite get a handle on it.

In the blurb, WXW Wrestling thanks everyone who showed up at the Pioneer Club in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ last weekend to fill out the scenes. Rourke was there doing his magic, and Afa The Wild Samoan was there as well, acting as Rourke’s trainer and (it appears) as wrestling supervisor for the film.

There’s also an implication that Rourke might make an appearance
this Sunday (February 10th), during the 5pm LIVE broadcast of WXW RAGE TV.
Last time we were in Allentown, actor Mickey Rourke, famed Hollywood
stunt coordinator Douglas Crosby, and co-producer Mark Heyman made an
unscheduled appearance in the building…what will happen this Sunday when we go

I can hardly wait to find out. Meanwhile, when you check out the original article, right click on the image and view it in original size, which is much larger than what’s represented on the page.