9f49d8e9f41f6a48bc8d2087a5506c03There is, undoubtedly, no shortage of pressure that comes with being hired to write the follow-up to Tom Cruise’s most successful film ever, and what is largely considered the best (or at least most entertaining) entry in one of the world’s biggest franchises. This is now the task of screenwriter Drew Pearce though as he signs on as the writer for Mission: Impossible 5, and his resume suggests he’s up for it.

His work currently unspools in theaters as he was Marvel’s choice to help Shane Black write Iron Man 3. Before that Warner Bros. was so excited by his robots vs. monsters script that they had it and a budget waiting for Del Toro when At The Mountain Of Madness collapsed. He’s got more words for Robert Downey Jr.’s mouth as well, having been lined up to write the third Sherlock Holmes film.

Suffice it to say, Drew Pearce is on a blockbuster hot streak.

He’ll be writing the next adventure of Ethan Hunt, while Paramount, Tom Cruise, and Christopher McQuarrie (not signed, but likely close) eye a fall start date, hoping to quickly follow behind Cruise’s shoot for The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Lots of spying for Cruise in 2013.


Source | THR