the-abcs-of-death_510Why wouldn’t it be the 123s Of Death?┬áI would watch a film of shorts in which an escalating number of people die in each one.

Alas, the producers are rolling ahead with a second alphabet’s worth of death shorts in conjunction with Magnet, and are shopping the picture at Cannes as we speak. A few new directors have already been chosen, including Alex de la Iglesia (The Last Circus), animator Bill Plymton (Idiots & Angels), and documentarian┬áRodney Ascher (Room 237).

That’s a great trio of names to start out with- no doubt about it. The first film featured some great names, but was still mostly comprised of fringe filmmakers making decent to terrible shorts. The anthology does manage a 2:1 ratio of bad to really good, which ultimately makes it worthwhile, but that’s a ratio I hope improves with the second outing. I’m not really interested in this happening via tighter control from his producers –the freedom to do something stunningly weird is part of the point– but I just hope more of the filmmakers bring their A-game now that this is clearly not a throwaway project.

Just as long as they keep Ti West the fuck away from it, that is.

You’ll recall the contest they ran to find a short to fill the letter “T” spot- they’ll be doing that again, though what letter is up for grabs is unknown.


Source | Variety