Just last monday I gushed about the release of Twisted Metal: Head On: Extra Twisted Edition for PS2. The game is packed to the gills with extra material, showcasing some of the best the series had to offer… at least until other developers besides Singletrac ran it into the ground, of course. I also mentioned how badly we need a next-gen version of it… and it looks like my prayers have been answered. IGN recently ran an article stating that the series will be heading to the PS3.

Video game designer David Jaffe (one of the funniest and most outspoken guys in the industry) mentioned during recent interviews that the game would contain a code that would reveal his company’s next project. Not only that, but the first person to post it on his blog would get a big box of chocolate from him. He’s just a nice guy like that. Sure enough, just 2 days after it was released, the code was cracked. During the middle of a documentary called “The Dark Past” numbers flash on the screen. A couple of dorks realized the numbers were actually letters of the alphabet and spelled it out- it said “Twisted Metal is on PSTHREE”. 
Jaffe confirmed it himself in later interviews, and expressed surprise that the code was cracked already. In other words, good show, dorks. Good show.

If all goes well, we could see a new, real Twisted Metal by late 2009. This might be the game to break me down enough to buy a PS3.