¬°Viva Walter Blanco!

Yep, Univision has gotten their spanish-language remake of Breaking Bad approved with Sony, and the show is officially a thing. The same Breaking-Bad-550x7351_5805premise will start things off- an unassuming high school teacher gets some bad news about his health and enters a world of drug manufacture and, eventually, underworld power.

The show will boast Che: Part I star Diego Trujillo¬†in the role of Walter Blanco, which will indeed be the lead character’s name. Don’t expect absolute fidelity to Vince Gilligan’s soon-to-conclude series though- Univision has confirmed that the show will be a “customized” adaptation.

There’s already a familiar logo for the show, and it will air beginning in 2014.

I love the title of the show- they’re off to a good start.


via Slate, The Wrap