Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 4.14.36 PMWe watch a lot of stories about people selling their souls, in one way or another. What about a story in which someone sells everything except for their soul?

Ari Folman’s new film takes a highly meta approach to adapting Stanislaw Lem’s short story The Futurological Congress, with Robin Wright playing a version of herself who, at the fading end of an acting career, sells her likeness rights to a studio that scans her so that she may be digital replicated and manipulated forever. The story unfurls in live action and very trippy animation with a ton of great actors, from Paul Giammatti to Harvey Keitel to someone who sounds a lot like Jon Hamm (but apparently is not?).

We’ve seen images before, but they didn’t do what I’m seeing in this trailer justice. This looks wild. We’ll start hearing reactions out of Cannes soon.

via FirstShowing