After the success of the Denny’s motion picture, it was inevitable that we’d see more restaurant option deals being done in Hollywood and a new wave of eating establishments blasting onto the big screen. In what might be the biggest corporation-to-film deal since the Coen Brothers adapted a bank into a 1996 classic, two production companies have sealed a deal to license the Medieval Times dinner-amusement franchise into a feature film.

images-1If you’ve never been, Medieval Times is a place you can eat prison-grade food while inside a giant arena filled with dirt and horse shit. You’ll watch a show that involves jousting, sword fights, and other WWE-level theatricality all set during the middle ages, with lots of horses and knights running around. Each section of the stands is aligned with a particular knight so you have a reason to shout chicken bits onto the back of someone’s head when the red knights gets the ring on his big sword thingy.

This feels like such a 1990s deal, but the franchise has had 30 years to pump over 50 million people through its 9 locations, so I doubt it was a hard sell. Combine that with the success of Game Of Thrones and bam, you’ve got ink on a contract. This is pure product creation, so there’s no hint of talent or actual ideas at this point.


Source | Deadline