Rich kid Charlie Bartlett (Anton Yelchin, who soon gain recognition as Chekov in the new Star Trek movie) has just been transferred to a public school after being kicked out of a private one. Now he’s stuck among the lower classes, and is ridiculed for being different. But he soon uses his large brain and conniving rich kid ways to change things around, when it’s revealed that his fellow classmates all need someone they can talk to. This eventually becomes a business, and he sets up shop in the boy’s bathroom as a psychiatrist/pharmacist, in this age of pills and misguided youth.

The film also stars CHUD fave Robert Downey Jr. as the principal of the school, Hope Davis as Charlie Bartlett’s mother and Kat Dennings as the love interest.

We’ve got a ton of tickets to give away to an advance screening for you fine folks that will take place on February 20th at a Manhattan theater.

As usual, to enter send me an email at this link with your full name and the answer to this head-scratcher-

It turns out that the person you’re interested in was fathered by Robert Downey Jr., and he’s being fiercely protective. Do you back off or try to win him over, and why?

Charlie Bartlett opens nationwide on February 22nd. Check out the official site for more info and the trailer.