Thrice! That’s how many times I’ve watched someone watch the Agents Of SHIELD (fuck the dots) teaser, and each time said person has first reacted with confusion over Coulson’s return*. Beyond that there’s not much in this trailer aside from a quick TV VFX moment of a dude jumping from a building (and weirdfire), and a car joke.

I will say that I can’t remember the last time (or ever) that I’ve been interested in watching an ABC show, so this certainly has a leg up. The real question will be how much of an active Marvel Universe participant this show will be- how much Avengers-related content will they sneak in? How deep will they pull from the comics? They’ll get a lot of pilot views from people with those curiosities.

The show debuts “soon.”

*”If you knew how he came back to life, YOU’D be Agent Coulson” doesn’t work quite as well as it does explaining how Batman does stuff.