The Wire‘s Omar Little, the scarred gay thug who only robs drug dealers, is one of my favorite TV characters. Actor Michael K. Williams plays the character with the right mixture of humor and menace, and I like seeing him get more work (even if it is hard, like in Gone Baby Gone, to disconnect his face from Omar’s), so a new interview with was exciting for me: Williams reveals that not only is he appearing in The Incredible Hulk and Spike Lee’s World War II movie Miracle at St. Anna, but that he’s going to be in The Road.

“I just booked this new picture called The Road with Charlize Theron,” he tells the site. “I’m excited about that and eager to work with her.”

The way that he puts that is interesting – Theron is a very minor character in the book, appearing only in flashback. I think Williams is perfect for a post-apocalyptic marauder, but it could be that he’s going to be only in those flashbacks. And if that’s the case, the flashbacks are certainly fleshed out. Or he’s just wrong and he won’t have a single moment with Theron, but will act against Viggo Mortensen. That’ll be cool, seeing if Omar or Aragorn is tougher. My money’s on Omar.