Woody Allen is coming home, and he’s going to be teaming up with another neurotic Jew when he gets there. According to Entertainment Weekly, the next movie Woody is shooting will star Larry David, star of Curb Your Enthusiasm and the mastermind behind Seinfeld. The film also marks “Woody” Allen Konigsberg’s return to filming in New York City after a whole bunch of films in Europe.

The plots and titles of Woody’s films stay top secret until the last minute, but the casting of David pretty much ensures that this is either a comedy or a truly disastrous drama. Having David in the movie excites me – I don’t think he’ll go the route of Woody imitation that so many of his leading men have done over the years, and I think that David’s own persona and style fits in quite well with the way that Woody writes. This is going to be one hell of a collaboration, and I’d love to be behind the scenes for this one.

Evan Rachel Wood is set to costar with Larry David – might he be making out with Marilyn Manson’s girlfriend in the movie? You know how Woody do.