There’s a part of me that could get indignant over the thought of
Hayden Panettiere starring in a film named after a classic Sonic Youth LP,
but it’s buried under so much apathy, I just can’t be bothered.  Stupid

The only upside to Daydream Nation
– which will mark the directorial debut of some screenwriter named
Michael Goldbach – is Kieran Culkin, who’s still boyish enough to play
a teenager at the age of twenty-five.  Good for him.  Per The Hollywood Reporter, he’ll play the “oblivious” boyfriend to Panettiere’s “acerbic teen”.  If this is how the filmmakers plan to “reinvent the coming-of-age story for the 21st century”, I certainly hope they’ve invested more in these characters than rote posturing (another trouble sign: they’re calling it an “intellectual comedy” in the vein of Election and Juno; if you know you’ve got the goods, you don’t go out of your way to draw comparisons like that before a frame of film is shot).

Barring another work stoppage (don’t try it, actors!), Daydream Nation
is scheduled to begin shooting sometime in the second or third quarter
of 2008 (when Panettiere will be on break from the astonishingly
moronic Heroes). 
Distribution rights have yet to be meted out, but with relatively
recognizable talent on board, that shouldn’t be a problem.  Reinventing
the coming-of-age story for the 21st century?  That might kick their
ass up and down the block for a month or two.  But I’m pulling for
Kieran.  And if you’re reading this, pal, email me regarding Margaret!!!