The Masterpiece: Yongary Monster from the Deep
Purchase Link: You Are Welcome.
The Year: 1967
The Director: Ki-Duk Kim (with photography by In-Zip Byon)
Beasts to Enjoy: Yongary and then later… Oldgary.
Marketing Quotes/Taglines: No tagline!
If I ran the Marketing: “Put your memories of Godzilla in your ass and shit them onto your daughter’s chest!”
What the Fuck is Going On: I think you’ll agree agree that in the world of cinematography there’s In-Zip Byon and then everyone else. I have a treasure trove of In-Zip stories in me, the kind of which would have you rocking in a silent thrall with your eyes tilted back remembering the many images shot by In-Zip that mark the moments of your life. In-Zip. It’s a shame he went too soon, bought out by Iomega…

Yongary Monster from the Deep is a burrowing monster. He likes to ram himself through the Earth at his leisure. Sometimes, he’ll even gently gyrate through the crust simply because HE CAN. He’s Yongary! When Yongary bursts from the soil in Korea and starts kicking ass there’s little the citizenry can do except be trampled and be extremely Korean. Until they find his weakness and kill him. This is not a good movie but it’s kind of fun to watch the Korean spin on the Godzilla and Gamera mythos. The special effects are not great. A few of them indicate that instead of being a living, breathing hater of men, Yongary was a man in a suit with a flamethrowing nozzle sticking out of his mouth. Still, it’s impolite to judge. You should have this, though I recommend the Midnite Movies Double Feature over the asshole quality version pictured here.

See for yourself:

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