A new batch of screenshots from upcoming PC game Dracula: Origin has just hit the net, and things are looking good.

In the game you’ll of course control Van Helsing, and try to find out exactly how the big D got himself into his predicament-

How did Dracula become a
vampire? He was a passionate, deeply religious man, but was broken by
his wife’s suicide; the soul of the woman he worshiped was damned! Crazy
with grief and rage, he damned himself by choosing the Devil. He hid
the profound suffering of the loss of his love and became an immortal
monster, devoted to destruction. His inconsolable sorrow and his
infinite hate carry him to search eternally for revenge; thus, he
discovers that there exists somewhere an antediluvian manuscript with
the details of a ritual , a ritual that would show how to awaken the
infernal souls. At last, Dracula thinks he has found the way to bring
back to life his love from beyond… for starters. You are Professor VanHelsing
, and your life is devoted to the elimination of Dracula. You must
prevent Dracula from finding and using the manuscript; you must help
everyone who crossed paths with the count and refused to serve him; you
must eliminate Count Dracula. The inquiry leads you from London to an
Egyptian necropolis, from a Viennese palace to a cursed monastery, to
finish in the famous lair of Dracula.

So it’s another point and click adventure game. Why get excited? Well for one thing, it’s from European game developer Frogwares, the guys who recently made Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened, the critically acclaimed game that mixed Holmes’ classic mystery stories with Lovecraftian horror. Yeah, you read that right- Sherlock Holmes Vs. the Cthulhu Cult. I’m dying to play that one…

Now let’s see if they can make Dracula’s backstory just as interesting.

And as you can see by these screenshots, the game looks amazing. Let’s hope the puzzles are just as good… expect it to hit PCs within the next few months. For more information check out Frogwares’ site here.