Jack Bauer badassCTU super-agent Jack Bauer, last seen going on the run from the Russians, the Americans and everyone else who wanted him dead at the end of 24‘s final season, could be returning to TV in a new format. Deadline reports that former showrunner Howard Gordon (now up to his usual tricks on Showtime’s Homeland) is talking to FOX about reviving the show as a limited series.

That could possibly mean an end to the real-time format that defined the series during its eight-year run. Or, even if it sticks to real time, it would mean the series wouldn’t cover as many hours as the show’s very title implies. But I’m not complaining, so long as Kiefer Sutherland is back on my screen torturing bad guys, snapping necks and uttering the phrase “damn it” 47 times an episode rather than wasting his time in shitty Tim Kring shows. (Touch was just cancelled by the way. Wonder if the mute, psychic kid saw that one coming?)

A 24 relaunch isn’t yet guaranteed, and, even if it happens, it could be just a one-shot miniseries type of deal. But since the long-hoped-for 24 feature film looks like a non-starter, Gordon and Sutherland are apparently eager and deep into negotiations with the studio to make this happen.

Would you bet against Jack? I sure wouldn’t.

Source: Deadline

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