gravity bullock

Seven years. Seven years we’ve been waiting for Alfonso Cuarón to grace our screens with more work after Children Of Men was unceremoniously dumped in 2006. His new film Gravity has been the subject of rumors for years now- hints that the visual effects team were working on 20-minute unbroken shots, groundbreaking effects… Now we have a trailer (following a poster) and all I know is that a terrifying time in space lay ahead.

The craftsman of some of the most aggressively innovative visual sequences of the last decade has given himself a playground divorced from all visual restraints. The mind already boggles with thoughts of what he can do when his camera is not associated with things like gravity, and has nothing of the usual relationship between frame and physics. Already there are hints —just tiny hints– of incredible, never-before-seen kinds of camerawork, all laying the groundwork for a primal story of survival.

This is a great trailer from WB. If only every film could be marketed with such concise confidence. I don’t think I want to see anymore. My eagerness to see this film outstrips any other this year by an order of magnitude.

How about you?