Wu Tang’s RZA, friend of the Ghost Dog, is going to keep his hand over his heart while he reunites with Forest Whitaker in Repossession Mambo. As we’ve mentioned before, Repo is about two guys — Whitaker and Liev Schreiber — who repossess human organs bought by cats who ultimately can’t make their payments. The RZA told MTV that “I play a music producer who is strung out on drugs, and I can’t afford to pay my bills. They’ve got to repossess my heart.” He wouldn’t be ignoring a little obvious typecasting just because he thinks the movie is going to make a buck, would he? Or is it typecasting to assume typecasting here? Shit, man, there’s no way to win that.

For my part, I’m going to keep the spirit of Repo (and today’s news in general) alive by catching Emilio Estevez’s 1984 piece of genius Repo Man at Atlanta’s Plaza Theater in about two hours. Schreiber and Whitaker have their work cut out for them; Harry Dean Stanton sets a mean standard.