Now that Karyn Kusama is on board to direct Jennifer’s Body, Diablo Cody’s follow-up to Juno, casting is beginning in earnest. Luckily we have a source close to the production who has told us who is being looked at for some major roles in the film.

The lead role of Needy, the Buffy of the piece, if you will, is being offered to Amanda Seyfried, Big Love‘s Sarah. That’s not a done deal, but with nothing on her IMDB after the upcoming Mamma Mia!, I imagine Seyfried will be happy to take the role.

More interesting, perhaps, are two names that are being bandied about for Nikolai; he’s the leader of the Satanic emo band that starts all of the problems that turns Needy into an ass-kicking monster fighter. The production is looking at two legitimately emo dipshits – Pete Wentz of Fallout Boy and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte. These names horrify me, and just typing them out has awoken some kind of genocidal monster in me – I want to torch your home if you own a Fallout Boy record. I want you removed from the Earth (Ron Paul supporters are next). Here’s to hoping that the third name on the list, One Tree Hill‘s Chad Michael Murray, is who they go with.