The Masterpiece: Monster from a Prehistoric Planet
Purchase Link: You Are Welcome.
The Year: 1967
The Director: Haruyasu Noguchi
Beasts to Enjoy: Gappa. Another Gappa. Baby Gappa.
Marketing Quotes/Taglines: No tagline!
If I ran the Marketing: “Ever been pelted by stones thrown by Jesus?”
What the Fuck is Going On: The first rule of Gappa Club is that Gappa’s fucking hilariously lame. There are no other rules because the rulemaker saw Gappa and ran off laughing. Gappa and his chick rise from the seas [which is apparently the place to hang out if you are a Triphibian (their word not mine) and from a prehistoric planet] when their baby is taken in for experients by us pesky humans. They kick our ass until they get their kid back and then they fuck off into the skies because that is how Gappa rolls. Note: This DVD transfer looks like it was filmed through a glass jar filled with syrup and balls.

See for yourself:

Tomorrow: Something with a horn!