Amy Adams is a great actress.  She’ll probably win a Best Actress Oscar one of these days (most likely when she’s on the verge of working irregularly due to gettin’ wrinkly and undesirable like Jessica Lange).  In fact, she’s such a hot commodity, she no longer has to take thankless roles in crap like Night at the Museum 2.  But when “thankless” pays this well…

By the way, where was I when Scott “Out of Sight” Frank penned a rewrite of Night at the Museum 2?  That’s like Steven Zaillian polishing National Treasure: Book of Secrets.  How horribly could Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon fuck up the formula sequel to their most lucrative piece-of-shit paycheck gig?  Having seen Balls of Fury, I must concede that the answer to that query is “plenty”.

Frank’s name certainly elevates the material a little, but there’s still the troublesome little matter of Shawn Levy directing the damn thing.  And then there’s the first movie, which is close to unwatchable.  I’m just glad to see that Dick Van Dyke is returning for the sequel; I’ve got a bunch of Dick Van Dyke Show season boxes for that motherfucker to sign (and a VHS copy of The Runner Stumbles).  I wonder if Amy Adams is excited to be working with a legend like Dick Van Dyke.  I wonder if she’ll share a single scene with Dick Van Dyke.  I wonder if she’s ever seen a single episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show.  And I wonder what the hell Mary Tyler Moore is up to.

According to Variety, Adams “will play an undetermined historical figure who has a crush on security guard Larry”.  Larry will once again be played by Ben Stiller, who’s seen enough Dick Van Dyke to know better.

Night at the Museum 2 is already slated for a May 22, 2009 release.