This whole article is a major spoiler for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

In today’s world it’s impossible to keep a secret, even if you’re Steven Spielberg. Spielberg has been almost maniacal about keeping his new film unspoiled, and to the credit of those of us in the world of movie journalism, we’ve played along. Most of the guys running most of the big sites have known the secrets of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, and while we haven’t sat on info, we have not gone out of our way to ruin things. But as you get close to the release of a film, it isn’t the web you have to worry about – it’s your own licensing partners. And that’s how this major spoiler has been revealed: a Japanese company has released an ad for Indiana Jones junk that includes a Crystal Skull… which is unmistakably extra-terrestrial in nature.

To follow that up, Movieweb has posted what appears to be an actual photo of a Crystal Skull. Click here to see that, although I’m hoping that this isn’t from the massive pile of stolen photos that some scumbags were trying to sell a couple of months ago. Even if it’s not, I imagine they’re going to be getting some nice legal documents from Paramount in the hours to come.

The original ad below comes from Action Figure Insider – nice scoop, guys.

Image removed as per Paramount cease and desist!