The Masterpiece: Space Amoeba
Purchase Link: You Are Welcome.
The Year: 1970
The Director: Ishiro Honda
Beasts to Enjoy: Gezora (cuttlefish). Kamoebas (turtle). Ganimes (crab).
Marketing Quotes/Taglines: “From the empty caverns of space to the darkest depths of the sea, this new species knows only destruction and chaos!”
If I ran the Marketing: “You will believe giant crabs, squids, and turtles can barely function!”
What the Fuck is Going On: This is also not a film that will have curriculum based upon it at the American Film Institute, but it is a crazy son of a bitch and one of the last Ishirō Honda films and the first he did without special effects legend Eiji Tsuburaya (who had plans involving the Charon). The premise involves Yog, an alien entity who hates you, crashing down to Earth in a man-made probe and proceeding to fuck shit up by bonding with a monster cuttlefish (a mixture of a squid and a problem) and giving a tropical island what we in the business call “the business”. Not content with one host, Yog also invades other beasts and the results are three giant poorly rendered beasts duking it out with little Asian people, who do a lot of screaming. You may know this film as Yog – Monster from Space or That Piece of Shit I Can’t Believe I Watched. Either way, it is a must-see.

See for yourself:

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