The trailer for the new M. Night Shyamalan film The Happening has arrived and it happens to be a pretty happening little clip. I hate the title of this movie so much because it totally feels like a title I’d have used for something I wrote as a twelve year old, something I undoubtedly would have thought was the most intense and thought-provoking thing ever only to realize it was dick after rereading it as an adult.

Of course, the premise of the film apparently involves “the earth’s plants unleashing airborne
neurotoxins that cause people to commit violent suicide.

Feed me Seymour!

In a world with Cell and The Ruins and Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, I don’t know how much tolerance I have any more for stuff like this. There’s already too many zombie films and stories out there, people who go mad for one reason or another really has to deliver something special to warrant its existence.

But, this little clip is actually quite engaging and it looks a lot more stylish than the typical M. Night film. So, I’ll reserve as much negativity as I can thusly. Plus, I’m a Mark Wahlberg apologist and Zooey Dechanel is cuter than the cutest thing in Cuteville.

I have the script for The Happening but I haven’t happened upon it recently and if I happen to read it before the film comes out I might not be as inclined to find myself happening into the theater. Then again, I read Unbreakable long before it came out and still enjoyed the piss out of it. It happens to be M. Night’s best film to date.

Yes, even better than The Village.

Watch the trailer. You may happen to like it.