Looks like Platinum Dunes is continuing on the course they set way back when with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. What I’m referring to specifically is that they want to put their own “unique” stamp on the classic horror properties they are handling. In the case of their new Nightmare on Elm Street entry, this means they will be recasting the role of Freddy Krueger.

At least, that’s what ShockTillYouDrop’s sources are saying. The movie would make some sense, since the film will be a reboot of the franchise. At the same time, it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing Krueger, as Robert Englund is the only actor to ever portray the character. However, all this leads me to wonder about who the hell will be signing autographs at horror conventions in 30 years. I’m hoping for Donnie Wahlberg, but I guess I could settle for Mike Vogel.

Englund, however, may not be too upset, because Variety is reporting he just signed on to direct The Vij, a “dark, gothic fantasy” starring the 85-year old icon Christopher Lee. The Variety-supplied synopsis is as follows: “an evil genie who conditions the actions of a young priest, leading him to commit murder and fall in love with an old witch who is actually not what she seems.” Englund himself will also appear, and Olga Schuvalova will be the female lead. The Vij is based on a novel by Nikolaj Gogol.

Given the subject matter and the names involved and the fact that this is a Canadian/Italian/Spanish production, it might be too much to hope that The Vij be released in the US theatrically. Instead, expect it to bump around Europe for a while before hitting DVD over here in a few years.