OK, so remember last week when I breathlessly ran Sylvester Stallone’s quote that he didn’t have another Rambo flick in him? Lots of people emailed me to point out all the places that Sly had said another flick in the series was possible, but it’s not like I’d missed all those quotes. His dismissal simply came across as more definitive, stated plainly and explicitly as it was, in opposition to all the ‘yeah, I might be able to do another one’ statements that always get thrown around at junkets and press tours.

But what the Christ do I know?

Sly has just signed a two-picture deal with Rambo producers Nu Image. And while neither of the two flicks is specifically stated as a Rambo sequel, given the picture’s relative success (it’s no Hannah Montana movie, but is pulling in mid-’30s males with approximately the same vigor) you’d have to be foolish to not at least suspect that Nu Image has another Rambo movie in mind. Or even another Rocky.

The onging strike probably rules co-production, and therefore a Cliffhanger sequel, out of the question, but the deal’s stipulation on action also means we won’t have to suffer another Rhinestone. And by ‘suffer’ I mean ogle in bliss. Too bad, that.