I’m not watching the Super Bowl (is it still on?). I’m just not that masculine. I did watch a double header of My Small Breasts and I and My Large Breasts and Me on BBC America, though, so while y’all saw a bunch of dudes in tight pants running around I was watching two hours of British babes in their bras.

What I missed, though, was the new Iron Man commercial – but it’s thankfully already online for my viewing pleasure at the Iron Man website, which you can visit by clicking here. It’s a quick spot, filled with action and not much of the character warmth that was in the first teaser trailer – but then again, this is a Super Bowl ad. The target audience isn’t looking to find out the relationship between Tony Stark and James Rhodes, they just want to be made aware there’s a movie about a guy in a Blow Shit Up Suit coming this summer.

My only qualm about the whole commercial is that bit at the end, where Shellhead blows up the tank: it doesn’t look sort of like a cut scene from a video game, it looks exactly like a cut scene from a video game. Granted, it’s a cut scene that would make people online cream their jeans, but it looks way too PS3 for my tastes. Let’s hope that the finished version is a little more realistic and doesn’t have me mashing the X button.