You’re cordially invited… actually, screw that. My cohorts and I busted our asses on this. I beseech your attendance.

This Thursday represents the culmination of six months of careful planning, skillful cultivation and anticipatory anxiety. What started as an idea amongst friends quickly denigrated into e-Bay bidding wars, late nights threading 35mm prints, and more than a few watching parties behind closed doors. That happens when you buy canisters without always knowing their contents.

But it was worth it. It was so worth it. Because now, finally, Trailer Trash is upon us. Happening this Thursday at Theatres at Mall of America, with $7 showings at 7:30PM & 10:00PM, all the crazy awesomeness that 35mm schlock has to offer is going to get lit up on big screen for your viewing pleasure. This collection of trailers we’ve amassed is batshit – a myriad of movies we’ve loved, loathed or didn’t even know existed. Puppets with human organs, unidentified flying oddballs, biker fiends, sexually depraved lunatics, kung-fu masters, robots, aliens, blue-monkeys, regular monkeys, shit, even crypto-zoological monkeys will be represented.

Not too mention the main event: a print that I didn’t think still existed, can’t believe we secured,and have now been sworn to secrecy on -but is sure to set science-fiction fans’ hearts aflutter.

So, if you live in the Twin Cities and love the bugscrewery of film as much as my compatriots and I, please join us on this special night and bask in the glory of 35mm filmic bliss: a dying form that Theatres MOA and I are keen to pump life into as long as we’re able.

This contest is a simple one. E-mail me at with the subject line “Send Me to Trailer Trash.” In a scant few words, tell me what your favorite trailer is and why. 12AM Thursday morning, I’ll e-mail the winner two free passes to the event. All other participants will be notified Thursday and directed to a link where they can purchase tickets.

Hope to see you there!