Tonight the fine folks at Scream Factory unveiled the official artwork for their upcoming release of George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead. The design by Nathan Thomas Milliner features Bub, Dr. Tongue, Rhodes, Dr. Logan/Frankenstein, multiple notable zombies from the film and the alligator from the opening credits (duct tape removed). Fans and followers of the distributor have voiced their praise, while others have said, “That’s incredibly Ugly.”, “I liked the Arrow release cover better. This one is just too messy.”, “Hmm…” and “The only complaints I have with this one (are) Dr. Logan and the croc. His expression is…well, it’s silly, it doesn’t look like anything from the movie.”┬áHave a look at the new artwork compared to the original poster and voice your opinion in the comments section below.

dotd bludotd original

Are the faces too wonky? Is the layout overtly congested? Does it work for you? Do you dig it? Give it a good once over and let us know below. This is a huge release for genre film fans. Your opinion matters.