9456a3c50d611a3f35868c1ba2776efcI don’t think I’m going to toss my hat into the “joke about blanks on set” ring, but I do wonder if Luke Evans paused even for a moment when accepting the lead role in the new production of The Crow. That is of course the role originated by Brandon Lee, who tragically passed after an on-set accident. The nearly 20-year-old film then managed a strong $50m run in theaters, but has since become a marginalized cult hit and standard among the high-school-alt-white-girl set.

The movie has moved some posters at Hot Topic is what I’m saying.

In any event, a remake has long been brewing with a number of potential leading men- Mark Wahlberg was once bafflingly rumored, Bradley Cooper seriously circled at some point, and James McAvoy flirted with the production as well. And, after all that, the lead of The Crow will actually come from The Raven!

It’s Luke Evans that is apparently in final talks to lead the film, and it’s great timing. The Immortals and Fast & Furious 6 star is gaining heat right now, which will only increase when his Hobbit Trilogy character Bard is introduced in the next film later this year. The latest round of talks included guys like Tom Hiddleston, but Evans appears to have been their first choice as they’ve actually shifted production to next year to accomodate him.

F. Javier Gutierrez (Before The Fall) is directing, and with the shifted date this isn’t likely to hit until mid-to-late 2015.


Source | Deadline