I’ve held off on playing Silent Hill Origins for a little while. The first Silent Hill to hit the PSP (if you ignore that stupid graphic novel game) has gotten some very mixed praise, and while it’s a great, atmospheric series, it has gone unchanged for way too long. The game that most excited me (Silent Hill 4: The Room) had some truly innovative ideas, with its first-person perspective and twisted storyline, but made the mistake of falling back into the same ol’, same ol’ of the series. You know what I’m talking about, the lame combat, the poor inventory system, the usual.

Origins did sell well, and like all PSP games that companies think they can wring some more money out of, it’s headed to the PS2.

If you’re not familiar with the plot this time- Silent Hill Origins acts as a prequel to the popular horror series, and follows troubled truck driver, Travis Grady, who gets stuck in the terrifying town while making a routine delivery. He quickly discovers that all is not well in the fog-smothered town, and that its shrouded streets hide grotesque creatures and dark secrets. Moreover, as he explores the seemingly abandoned town, Grady is confronted by crippling memories from his troubled past and it becomes clear he must escape from Silent Hill while resolving the memories that have plagued him since childhood.

This version will have a few new features, like better graphics and an enhanced camera system, which I’m sure just means “Hey! We finally got a right analog stick to use!”
Silent Hill Origins will be hitting the PS2 in May.