It seems like Zak Penn’s The Grand
has been in the works forever, so long ago that the set visit was
conducted by former CHUD editor Dave Davis as well as our current G4TV luminary Devin Faraci. The trailer and poster have arrived and all of a sudden I have a new highly anticipated film for 2008.

Incident at Loch Ness is a minor classic and proof that not only does Zak Penn have a great comedic mindset [plus he drinks with staffers], he also knows that Werner Herzog is probably the coolest man in all of Hollywood. Screw that. Earth.

Werner Herzog deserves his own religious icon for the back of cars. The Fish? Overrated. Herzog!

Anyhow, the trailer is a fun and star-studdded (plus Richard Kind) bit of poker frenzy and when Mr. Herzog enters the scene it becomes absolutely divine.

Devin became chummy with Brett Ratner on this set. I think it’s safe to say there’s magic in the air regarding this movie.