The Polish western Summer Love (the country’s first western, supposedly) has been on my curiosity list since last year, thanks to news out of Venice. It’s also the movie that pops up occasionally in my Val Kilmer google alert, because Kilmer plays a dead body that spends part of the flick strapped to the back of a horse. O thespian adventures, Kilmer is no stranger to thee!

I knew there was some limited stateside release coming this year, and Twitch’s article from yesterday, which notes that the film’s website is up with lots of great stills, led me to the handful of dates and theaters targeted by distrbutor Cinema Epoch. The film hits LA and Seattle on February 8th, then Chicago on the 22nd.

A partial synopsis, from the film’s website:

One day, The Stranger comes to town on horseback with THE WANTED MAN
(Val Kilmer) who he retrieved at the site of a massacre in the film’s
opening scenes. The Stranger has come to collect the bounty money. He
winds up getting roped into playing The Sheriff’s sadistic gambling
game and loses The Wanted Man to the gloating Sheriff. Fed up this
self-destructive ploy, The Woman storms out of the saloon. Later that
night, The Woman in a state of desperation seduces The Stranger. All
hell breaks loose after their night of passion. A posse is formed under
the Sheriff’s inept leadership and an epic manhunt ensues.

Below are a handful of pics. If anyone has seen this one, or wants to send me a screener (even better), drop a line. As a Polish guy who loves westerns and Kilmer, I’m ready to be sold on this one.